Episode 3: AKA Reptilian Tears

This episode, Mr Sir and Andrew watch the Stephen Greer produced(and starring) doc “Unacknowledged”, currently streaming on Netflix. We delve into the world of government cover up, various conspiracies and revisit our good friend Richard Doty. Could the government be plotting a false flag event involving extraterrestrials? Is there a plot to stunt the advancement of technology by the elite? Can Stephen Greer convince the world that he can cry? If you are ever in doubt, remember, It Was Aliens.
Corrections: Mr Sir said that Donald Rumsfeld said we lost 10 Trillion dollars on 9/10/01. It was actually 2.3 Trillion. Still more money than anyone has any right “losing”

Show Notes:
The 2001 Press Conference we reference in the show

News report with Donald Rumsfeld saying we lost 2.3 Trillion dollars and that 25% of all money the Pentagon spends is unaccounted for

Stan Meyer’s water powered carĀ 

Buzz Aldrin punches moon hoaxer in the face after being harassedĀ 

Episode 2: AKA Disinfo Agents Galore!

On this installment of It Was Aliens, Mr Sir and Andrew watched the excellent doc titled “Mirage Men”. It focuses on infamous disinformation agent Richard Doty and the various disinfo campaigns he had his hand in. We also talk disclosure, inter-dimensional Bigfoot, flying rods, Andrew’s obsession with Gaia and much more. Gather your Majestic 12 documents. Round up your mutilated cattle. And if you are ever in doubt, remember, it WAS aliens.

Show Notes:
Strange Harvest

Project Serpo

Episode 1: AKA This Asshole

It’s the first episode of It Was Aliens and oh boy do we have a special one. This week we review “Extraordinary: The Steve Romanek Story”, currently on Netflix streaming. This doc nearly broke Andrew and I. It’s very well produced but the subject, Steve Romanek, is a gigantic turd. Prepare yourself for alien puppets, stilted acting and voice to text speech masquerading as EVP. Listen to this episode so you don’t have to watch it yourself. And remember, when in doubt, it was aliens.
-Mr Sir

Welcome to It Was Aliens

Hey! It’s your fearless host Mr Sir. You may recognize me from such podcasts as “Horror Dork” and “PHFcast”. This is my newest podcast, “It Was Aliens”, where my oldest friend(and fellow podcaster) Andrew discuss various extraterrestrial, conspiracy theories and extraterrestrial conspiracy theories. It Was Aliens has been a passion project of mine for a long time. Way back in the PHF days, Antheny and I toiled with setting up a network of shows and IWA was the show I always wanted to make. Thankfully I’m getting a chance to do it with a great guy and a fellow UFO nut, Andrew. I hope ya’ll enjoy my new venture and remember, if you need to ask, the answer is aliens. It was always aliens.
-Mr Sir